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Welcome to Ultimate Collaboration, your resource for exploring and celebrating the valuable contributions of farmers and their checkoff programs. Did you know producer-funded checkoffs not only support research and promotion benefitting farmers, but also contribute to rural communities and a more vibrant food system? It’s time to shine a spotlight on these stories of progress and raise awareness of the benefits of checkoffs beyond the agricultural community.

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  • Creating New Opportunities

    “The [food] industry probably won’t spend the kind of dollars we do to get a new product launched,” says Ohio soybean grower Keith Kemp. “New market opportunities are huge because as long as we’re selling soybeans, every farmer is making more money.”

  • Providing a Necessary Voice

    “A lot of the work done through checkoff programs is to make our products more accessible and more valuable,” says Michigan pork producer Dale Norton. “The Pork Board has a program called We Care that reflects [farmers’] desire to be good neighbors. We want to provide a good, safe food supply.”

  • An Economic Analysis

    “Through analysis we found that the checkoff program and domestic market is very profitable, but the foreign market is also extremely profitable.” says Harry Kaiser of Cornell University.

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